Festiva is a gourmet Mexican restaurant located in Indianapolis. They take pride in the authenticity of their food, and their dedication to Mexican culture. They celebrate the food they make as if it were its own cultural celebration. So, with their dedication to Mexican culture my research started there. With my research I found numerous festivals and celebrations, but the one that stood out the most was Dia de los Muertos. This cultural event brings with it a lot of visually rich inspiration that allowed for my identity to takes its shape.


I was drawn to shape of the skull, that is heavily present in all Dia de los Muertos imagery. I wanted to achieve the same handmade feel I get fromlooking at their food. I used the familiar shape of the skull with their name fit inside the skull to mimic the shape. All the colors I used were picked directly from images of Papel Picado, which is a decorative paper displayed in homes and the streets during Dia de los Muertos.


The food truck incorporates the Festiva logomark on all sides to make it apparent who the food truck serves. For the patterning element I wanted togive the truck a graffiti vibe since food trucks are a part of street culture as well as graffiti. However, I didn’t want to devalue the truck or the food they sell with basic or unrefined graffiti. So, I classed up the graffiti as refined doodles with inspiration drawn from Mexican imagery.

Once I started the packaging I knew I wanted to keep the look and feel that was established with the food truck. I also wanted to make it more dynamic than what I have seen with packaging in the past. I took the bright colors that were used as accents on my truck and made them the main colors of my packaging. I also continued the graffiti element on each of my packaging components.


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